After reviewing more then 1700 applications, we have learned that many questions can be handled more quickly and efficiently with a simple phone call, so please feel free to call us at 303-485-8136.

Q: What is a Master Instructor?

A: The Master Instructor Continuing Education Program (MICEP) offers a family of accreditations for aviation educators and is based on a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. Master Instructors LLC administers the designation process.  It serves a dual purpose: First, “Teachers of Flight” who are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community are publicly identified and recognized;  second, the accreditation sets professional standards to which all aviation educators can aspire.

The designation requires a rigorous process of continuing professional activity. To promote continuous involvement in the aviation community, designees must remain active and renew their designations every 24-calendar months.  Unlike one-time awards for past achievements (i.e., “Gold Seal” flight instructor certificate or General Aviation Award), a MICEP designation acknowledges an individual’s continuing professional growth and involvement in a broad spectrum of aviation endeavors.

Q: What are the minimum eligibility requirements for the various MICEP designations?

A: Review the Eligibility Requirements as well as Activity and Hour Requirements (i.e., How the Process Works page).

Q: Are there any benefits for earning Master Instructor accreditation?

A: See the Benefits page.

Q: What activities can be used for credit?

A: See the Examples of Qualifying Activities page.

Q: Can I apply for multiple Master designations?

A: Yes! You may apply for multiple designations by submitting separate, stand-alone applications for each designation (e.g., MCFI and MGI). The Hours claimed, however, must be unique to the particular designation being sought (e.g., the Hours claimed for an MCFI designation become ineligible for use toward an MGI designation).

Q:  How are Master Instructor portfolios evaluated?

A: We use the commercially available online application management system provided by FluidReview. This is more efficient than paper applications and results in stronger submissions by applicants with fewer follow-up requests by our Board of Review for clarification and/or additional material.

Q: Why must all Activities be substantiated?

A: To preserve the rigorous standards and integrity on which MICEP was founded, all Activities claimed by applicants must be substantiated. Supporting material provides the means to verify each Activity. Further, the FAA has approved MICEP as an alternate means to renew flight instructor certificates under FAR 61.197 (a) (2) (iii), which also demands appropriate supporting material as verification of Activities claimed by applicants.

Q: Why is a photo (JPEG) required?

A:  To preserve the rigorous standards and integrity on which MICEP was founded, applicants must provide a current photo depicted them in an aviation-themed environment. Further, the FAA has approved MICEP as an alternate means to renew flight instructor certificates under FAR 61.197 (a) (2) (iii) for applicants who are flight instructors and who wish to renew through MICEP. Our TCO requires applicants to provide a current photo.

Q: Do I really need to provide a professional reference?

A:  Yes!  Checking an applicant’s professional reference is the final step in the review process. Routinely, local FAA representatives, aviation related employers or supervisors, local pilot examiners and/or other Master Instructors in the same geographic area are contacted. References are asked to describe the candidate’s work as an aviation educator and are asked if the candidate is demonstrating involvement and leadership in the local aviation community.

Q: How will I know I have earned Master Instructor accreditation?

A: Upon designation, you will automatically receive an email. Program administrators will follow up soon thereafter with a congratulatory phone call, during which a checklist of informational items will be covered. The call usually lasts 15 or 20 minutes.

Q:  Do I automatically receive CFI certificate renewal with my designation?

A:  No! Not all MICEP designees are flight instructors, and not all of them need or wish to renew their FAA CFI certificates. We offer CFI renewal as a value-added option only, and applicants desiring flight instructor certificate renewal along with their MICEP designation can proceed one of two ways for an additional fee:

  1. They can receive a Graduation Certificate onlywhich they can present to an FAA representative to obtain a temporary CFI certificate; or
  2. They can receive a Graduation Certificate plus a temporary CFI certificate from our own Airman Certification Representative (ACR). The additional fee for the latter option is higher than it is for the former.

Q: What is a Master Instructor e-mail designation announcement?

A: An e-mail designation announcement is sent out on behalf of all Masters at the time of their accreditation. That announcement is usually sent to local FSDO representatives and other Masters in the area. You will receive the announcement as well, and are strongly encouraged to forward it to individuals on your email list such as FSDO representatives, airport administration, employers, family, colleagues, former students, present students, potential students, and particularly the local media.

QUESTIONS?  Call the MICEP Administrators at 303-485-8136