How the Process Works

I think the Master Instructor Program was the entire reason for the success I’ve had as a flight instructor and I highly recommend it to every professional CFI. – D St George, 8-time Master

The MICEP accreditation process is divided into the following blocks: Stages, Tasks, Categories, Activities, and Hours. Activity and Hour requirements are listed below.

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MICEP has three Stages: Application, Review, and Final Processing. The Application Stage consists of individual Tasks that must be completed by applicants before submissions can be made. The heart of the Application Stage involves the compiling of Activities and Hours in several broad Categories.

Upon submission, applications move to the Review Stage. Our Board of Review is comprised of dedicated individuals who are themselves MICEP designees. Reviewers check submissions for completeness, assure eligibility requirements have been met, and perform detailed evaluations of the information provided, paying particular attention to Hours, inclusive dates, and supporting documentation. Reviewers may contact applicants to seek clarification or request additional information, and may annotate the applications.

During the Final Processing Stage, administrators evaluate the comments and recommendations made by reviewers, and may spot-check applications. Administrators also contact professional references. Applicants then receive official notification by email and phone concerning the status of their designations.


MICEP applications are assembled by completing a number of Tasks that include:

    • Reading introductory material
    • Providing personal/background information
    • Providing information pertaining to the designation sought
    • Providing copies of certificates and photo ID
    • Providing a photo of the applicant
    • Providing a bulleted resume
    • Providing Activities with Hours and supporting documentation (except Emeritus applicants)
    • Providing a signed affidavit
    • Accepting the Terms and Conditions
    • Paying the application fee


Requiring applicants to be involved in a variety of aviation Activities is a core concept; thus, applicants must demonstrate that they are well-rounded aviation educators. This is accomplished by requiring Activities and Hours in each of the following broad Categories:

    • Educator (applicant-as-teacher)
    • Service to the Aviation Community (applicant-as-philanthropist)
    • Creator of Media (applicant-as-creator/promoter)
    • Continuing Education (applicant-as-learner)
    • Participant (applicant-as-participator)
Note that in the first three Categories, applicants are the providers of aviation education and services; the transfer of knowledge and expertise in these Categories flow primarily from the applicants to others. In the last two Categories, however, applicants are the receivers of aviation education and the beneficiaries of membership in the aviation community; the transfer of knowledge and the sense of community associated with these Categories flow primarily from others to the applicants.


The bulk of the application process is spent documenting qualifying Activities that have occurred within the preceding 24 calendar months of submitting an application.

Each Activity submitted for review must include the number of Hours devoted to it. The quality of the Activity, which the applicant describes with a brief statement of relevance, is also considered. Some type of supporting documentation must accompany each Activity claimed as well, and each Activity with its supporting documentation must form a unique, standalone unit from every other Activity.

It is highly recommended that like activities be combined whenever possible. For example, conducting 10 flight reviews adding up to 10 hours of ground plus 10 hours of flight time should be considered one Activity called Flight Reviews totaling 20 Hours. If necessary in situations where disparate activities in a given Category individually do not meet the minimum Hours per Activity, it is permissible to combine those activities into a single Activity called Miscellaneous to meet requirements.

Applicants often find that their activities can fit into more than one Category, or that a broader activity can be divided into multiple MICEP Activities. And while a specific Activity can only be claimed once, applicants have the flexibility to place their Activities into any suitable Category as necessary to satisfy requirements.

Minimum requirements pertaining to Activities:

    • Activities per Category = 2
    • Hours per Activity = 10


When logging creditable Hours for an Activity, all of the time spent with students / trainees, or otherwise invested in completing the Activity, can be counted provided those Hours occurred within the preceding 24 calendar months of submitting an application. Hours must be recorded as whole numbers, rounded down (e.g., 123.8 = 123).

As with Activities, Hours can only be claimed once, i.e., the same Hours cannot be applied to more than one Activity. However, a block of Hours can be split among Activities. For example, assume an applicant has logged 30 hours preparing for and delivering an aviation-related seminar. If desirable, the applicant could divide this into two Activities: one Activity with the 20 Hours associated with researching and creating the seminar, which can be applied to the Media Category; and one Activity with the 10 Hours associated with giving the seminar, which can be applied to the Educator Category, or even the Service Category if the seminar was done pro bono.

Minimum requirements pertaining to Hours:

    • Total Hours = 500
    • Hours Per Category:
      • Educator = 250
      • Service = 30
      • Media = 30
      • Continuing Education = 30
      • Participant = 30
    • Hours Per Activity = 10

Note: Applicants may apply for multiple designations by submitting separate, stand-alone applications for each designation (e.g., MCFI and MGI). The Hours claimed, however, must be unique to the particular designation being sought (e.g., the Hours claimed for an MCFI designation become ineligible for use toward an MGI designation).

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