Yes, you can make a comfortable living if you choose to be “professional and charge” for all of your services.
– L Childs, 3-time MCFI

MICEP accreditation signifies that a designee has earned industry recognition for his/her commitment to excellence as a provider of aviation education, a volunteer, a creator of media, a receiver of continuing education, and an active participant in the aviation community. The benefits of MICEP accreditation are substantial. Some tangible benefits include:

    • Recognition of achievement beyond government/industry minimums
    • Laser engraved plaque* for first-time designees; a new date plate for renewing designees to add to their existing plaques
    • Master logo lapel pin
    • Use of the Master logo on the designee’s website / promotional materials
    • Use of the accreditation as a reference for future employment
    • Ability to purchase “MasterWear” apparel embroidered with the distinctive Master logo
    • For Flight Instructors:
      • For an additional fee, the option to renew an unexpired flight instructor certificate
      • The option to renew Part 141 chief / assistant chief flight instructor credentials
      • An additional discount available through SAFE’s Flight Instructor Liability Insurance program (must also be a SAFE member)

According to a survey of Master Instructors published in October 2010:

    • MICEP challenged the vast majority of designees to become better educators
    • As a result of their Master designations, most reported a corresponding increase in income typically from 10 to 40 percent
    • Several flight schools provide incentive packages worth as much as $8,000 to their Masters

* Special plaques are available for schools / businesses with more than one MICEP designee on staff.