National GA Award Recipients

For more than 50 years, the General Aviation Awards Program has recognized aviation professionals in the fields of flight instruction, flight safety, aviation maintenance, and avionics for their important contributions to the aviation community. These awards highlight the leadership roles played by awardees in promoting safety, education, and professionalism. Award recipients are recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. National awardees are honored annually during EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. The program is a cooperative effort between the general aviation industry and the FAA.

MICEP Masters have received numerous GA Awards over the years. Here we recognize MICEP Masters who have also merited the National honor. Asterisks (*) denote Masters who have received National recognition in multiple categories.

National Certificated Flight Instructors of the Year

Gary Reeves, 2019 Hobie Tomlinson, 2012 Judy Phelps, 2011 Jeff Moss, 2010
Arlynn McMahon, 2009 Max Trescott, 2008 Mike Gaffney, 2007 Rich Stowell, 2006*
John Teipen, 2005* Doug Stewart, 2004 Jeff Edwards, 2003 Kirby Ortega, 2002
Phil Poynor, 2001 Greg Brown, 2000 David Faile, 1999 JC Boylls, 1998
Jim Trusty, 1997 Lou Wipotnik, 1996 John Rockcastle, 1989 Obie Young, 1978
Greg Gorak, 1976

National FAA Safety Team Representatives of the Year

Mark Ducorsky, 2017 Chris Hope, 2015 Rich Stowell, 2014* Mark Madden, 2013
Vicki Sherman, 2011 Tom Turner, 2010 John Teipen, 2008* Gene Hudson, 2006
Michael Church, 2005 Walt Schamel, 2004 Adrian Eichhorn, 2001* Mike Vivion, 1998

National Aviation Technicians of the Year

Adrian Eichhorn, 2016*