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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Master Instructor Program™.  It is truly an honor to receive the Master CFI designation.

The Master Instructor program has been the catalyst to increase my contributions to general aviation.  It is because of the application process and the MCFI designation that I have become a SAFE Mentor and completed my application to the FAA FAASTeam.  Please keep up the outstanding work!

Adam Ruscitti, MCFI, Loves Park, IL

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I think the Master Instructor Program was the entire reason for the success I’ve had as a flight instructor and I highly recommend it to every professional CFI.  I got involved in this program very early and am currently working on my seventh renewal.

Pilots are goal-oriented people.  After I had earned all of my instructor ratings and worked for several years, I was running out of steam.  The continuing education units you must accumulate to achieve Master accreditation got me again taking courses and instruction.  It also pushed me into the public presentation arena.

The program is carefully constructed to recognize achievement, bring out the best in aviation educators, and to foster professional growth.  Participation has “raised the bar” for me and led me to a greater appreciation for a true professional flight instructor.  It is a privilege and an honor to be a member of the corps of Master Instructors.

David P St George, MCFI, MGI, DPE, Ithaca, NY

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The past six years as a Master Certificated Flight Instructor (MCFI) have been most rewarding and motivating for me personally in maintaining excellence in the art and techniques of aviation education.  The initiative instilled in me by MI LLC was to acquire and maintain the highly worthwhile MCFI accreditation.  The designation recognizes and promotes the necessity for continued aviation education.  It is a privilege to be a part of and contribute to this significant endeavor…..

Michael B Traud, MCFI, DPE, Gold River, CA

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Becoming a Master CFI (MCFI) has helped me to attain a degree of success that I never imagined.  The accreditation has resulted in:

Other CFIs looking at you differently – you are now the go-to person.  I cannot tell you how many times I am approached by other CFI’s wanting to know my opinion on a specific issue or even answers to their FAR-AIM questions.  They really do look up to you as the Master CFI.  Be prepared to be there for them.

Experiencing a great feeling when you are introduced as a Master CFI and hear others ask “What is a Master CFI?” Then they want to know how to become one – What does it take?  When they hear what it takes, they then realize why there are only a few.  It is hard work and effort, but it does pay off.

Many of my clients learn about the Master CFI program from the Internet & they seek instruction from a Master CFI. I believe this trend will continue.

My 3rd renewal as a Master CFI, and I have never had a problem in teaching full-time for 600-850 hours per year.  I average 12 students at a time and sometimes 17.  Yes, it’s a lot, but I very much enjoy what I do and ensure I do not lose track of where each one is in their training.

Being able to obtain a higher hourly rate that is greater than most in this area and giving them what others don’t provide; excellent instruction and followup.

Yes, you can make a comfortable living if you choose to be “professional and charge” for all of your services.  Ground time should not be free!

Working exclusively as a freelance-independent Instructor keeping the proceeds for yourself.

Recommendations by DPEs when individuals approach them for Flight Instruction.

The fact I no longer advertise, I use word of mouth only and find myself with a waiting list of approximately 3-6 months.

BTW, Sandy and JoAnn have always been there to provide support when needed!  Great web site – very informational ( http://www.MasterInstructors.org/ )!

All this was the result of becoming and being recognized as a MCFI!  Bottom line – I am very proud to be a Master.  It has helped me to be successful as a Flight Instructor and I know it has great potential of helping others become successful as well.

Lamar A Childs, MCFI

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