About Your MICEP Application Home Page

Once you have opened a MICEP account and created a submission for a designation, you will be taken to your application home page. Among other features, the application home page includes:

    • Task column. Some Tasks include brief descriptions of what the Task entails.
      • The MICEP application process consists of 13 separate Primary Tasks that must be completed:
        • Introduction
        •  Personal/Background Info Form
        • Provide a Professional Reference
        • Designation Info Form
        • Portfolio of Professional Development
        • Upload Copies of Certificates & Photo ID
        • Upload Photo of Applicant
        • Upload a Bulleted Resume
        • Option to Renew Flight Instructor Certificate
        • Agree to Terms and Conditions
        • Affidavit
        • Pay the Application Fee
        • Submit Your Application
      • The Portfolio of Professional Development Task will have the following sub-Tasks associated with it:
        • Educator Category – Minimum two, maximum six Activity Completion Form (ACF) Tasks
        • Service Category – Minimum two, maximum four ACF Tasks
        • Media Category – Minimum two, maximum four ACF Tasks
        • Continuing Ed Category – Minimum two, maximum four ACF Tasks
        • Participant Category – Minimum two, maximum four ACF Tasks
      • Each Activity claimed on the Portfolio form is substantiated with an Activity Completion Form (ACF), and each ACF will require you to provide substantiating evidence by choosing either to request verification from someone else, or to upload a supporting document from your computer.
        • If you choose the verification option, that ACF will then have a “Get Verification” sub-Task associated with it.
        • If you choose the upload documentation option, a “choose file” button will be revealed and you can then select the file to be uploaded from your computer.
      • At the bare minimum, a MICEP application will have 23 completed Tasks (13 Primary + 10 ACF + zero Get Verification Tasks). At most, an application could have 57 completed Tasks (13 Primary + 22 ACF + 22 Get Verification Tasks).
    • Actions column with options such as View, Edit, and Delete:
      • “View” allows you to look at a PDF version of your responses to that specific Task.
      • “Edit” allows you to work directly on the form for that specific Task to make any additions or changes.
      • “Delete” allows you to delete all information you have input related to that specific Task. You will then have to start over to complete that particular Task again.
    • Status column that will contain one of the following reports for each Task:
      • Incomplete – The Task is available for you to work on and can be accessed by clicking the name of the Task, which has become a clickable link.
      • Complete – With the possible exception of the Portfolio Task, the Task has been completed.
      • Prerequisites Not Met – Other Tasks must be completed before the Task becomes available. The name of the Task has not yet become a clickable link.
      • Pending – This status may appear if you have generated a request for verification of an Activity (i.e., Get Verification) directly from the MICEP application program. Once the recipient of your request responds, that status will change to Complete.

Partial Screenshot of Application Home Page

    • Along the right side of the application home page:
      • A “Download Application” button, which allows you to download a .zip file containing a folder containing PDFs of your application as of the time of the download.
      • A ‘Progress” bar for the application as a whole. A list of Tasks that still have to be completed appears below the Progress bar. Due to the open nature of the Portfolio form and ACFs, the Progress bar should be used as a rough guide only and not as an exact measure of your progress.


      • A “Withdraw Application” button, which allows you to withdraw an application in its entirety. This option can be exercised at any time in the process until a final determination has been made in the Final Processing Stage. Once a final determination has been made, however, the application is automatically locked and can no longer be withdrawn or edited by you. Your submission is also archived at that time.


      • An “Add Document” button. This is used only if necessary and only after submitting your application. Once you submit an application, you will no longer be able to edit any of your Tasks. Should your Reviewer require additional documentation – e.g., more supporting documentation, or perhaps one of the files you had uploaded had been corrupted – you will use the “Add Document” button. If/when directed by the Reviewer, please provide the requested documentation using the appropriate file naming convention and the “Add Document” button. Notes: 1. Requested documentation is never to be sent directly to the Reviewer; 2. The “Add Document” feature is never to be used while preparing your application.


    • At the top right corner of the page, the following links appear (these appear on all MICEP webpages):
      • “Forums” – Interact with MICEP applicants and fellow Masters on a range of topics.
      • “Settings” – View/Edit your MICEP account information here.
      • “Help” – View the MICEP Help and FAQ page


    • At the bottom of the application home page will be a chronological list of all of your activity on your application.

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