The Master Instructor Continuing Education Program (MICEP) is a family of accreditations available to qualified aviation educators. The program is based on a system of advanced professional standards and rigorous peer review. MICEP designations serve two purposes:

    1. They identify and recognize educators who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to excellence and professional growth in, as well as service to, the aviation community; and,
    2. They establish professional standards to which all aviation educators should aspire.

MICEP designations are renewed every two years. The biennial renewal cycle promotes the continued involvement by designees in a variety of aviation activities and challenges them to remain sufficiently active as teachers as well as learners. And provided designees meet the requirements, they can apply for the one-time, honorary Master Instructor Emeritus designation as a reward for a decade or more of involvement in this program.


We offer six MICEP designations tailored to different types of aviation educators:

    • Master Aviation Educator (MAE) – For those providing aviation-related education in academia, industry, government, and the private sector.
    • Master Certificated Flight Instructor (MCFI) – For those holding valid FAA/ICAO-issued Flight Instructor Certificates.
    • Master Certificated Instructor-Aerobatic (MCFI-A) – For those who also have sufficient activity related to spin, emergency maneuver, upset prevention & recovery, and/or aerobatic training and education.
    • Master Certificated Instructor-Helicopter (MCFI-H) – For those who also have sufficient activity related to helicopter training and education.
    • Master Ground Instructor (MGI) – For those holding valid FAA/ICAO-issued Ground Instructor Certificates.
    • Master Instructor Emeritus (MIE) – For those retiring from full-time aviation education duties, an honorary title recognizing commitment to excellence in aviation education through long-term participation in MICEP.

Eligibility Requirements — How the Process Works — Examples of Qualifying Activities