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by jennyfurst on August 2, 2019

The Master Instructor designation is a national FAA-recognized professional accreditation and parallels the continuing education regimen used by other professionals to increase their professionalism. The designation must be renewed biennially and significantly surpasses the FAA requirements for renewal of the candidate’s flight instructor certificate. Of the 101,000 flight instructors in the US, fewer than 800 have earned the Master Instructor designation.

Mark Frederick Miller, MCFI

Mark Frederick Miller, MCFI

Mark Frederick Miller of Bellingham WA earned his Master CFI accreditation July 27 through Master Instructors.

He works with Las Vegas’s Part 121 airline Allegiant Air as a line check airman as well as an A320 series and MD80 (DC-9) series captain. He also serves as a flight and ground instructor with Bellingham’s Whatcom Young Aviators and Command Aviation’s flight school 

Mark also holds a Master Aviation Educator (MAE)accreditation and is one of only 24 aviation educators worldwide to hold two or more Master accreditations concurrently.

Meg Godlewski, MCFI

Meg Godlewski, MCFI

Meg Godlewski, an 8-time double Master and a charter SAFE member, renewed her Master CFI accreditation through the Master Instructors LLC on July 27, 2019.

Meg is a flight, ground, and Redbird FMX simulator instructor with Pro-Flight Aviation at Renton Municipal Airport (RNT) where she specializes in simulator training, ground instruction, seminars, and curriculum development.

Additionally, she is a nationally recognized aviation writer and photographer. Her articles and photos appear in Women in Aviation and AOPA’s Flight Training magazines as well as SAFE eNews.

Pat Knight, MCFI Emeritus

Pat Knight, MCFI Emeritus

Pat Knight, a 12-time Master was granted Master Instructor Emeritus status through Master Instructors.

She is the only CFI to date to have recorded 12 Master Instructor renewals, totaling 24 years of professional service.

The award, on July 27, was in recognition of Pat’s many years of commitment to excellence, professional growth, service to the aviation community and quality aviation education.   A longtime pilot examiner (DPE) and CFI, Pat is currently an Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) with the FAA Flight Standards program at Alliance Airport (AFW) in the Fort Worth area where she specializes in human factors in aviation, accident prevention and investigation and glider, as well as multiengine training.

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